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JES Energy Sp. z o.o.

 Welcome to the Internet web site of JES Energy Ltd.

JES Energy Ltd. is a consulting company dealing with energy trading, fuel trading and consulting, offering professional advice in a field of the energy sector.
Our employees are highly qualified traders and consultants, who have deep knowledge and experience in the scope of energy, finance, law, marketing, strategic planning and project management. The company cooperates with more than 30 external consultants, accordingly to the specifics of particular tasks.

Use of the newest information concerning the energy market’s development directions assures the highest quality of services provided. We have established an outstanding reputation, which is confirmed by our reference list that includes many long time co-operators.
Due to the professionalism of the experts’ employed and the high standard of its services JES Energy Ltd. has earned an outstanding reputation and has been placed in a group of 10 prime consulting companies in Poland.
Excellent knowledge of the Polish energy market and the latest information on its development, complemented by worldwide experience allows us to deliver a comprehensive range of high standard services.

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